Lentekabinet Festival 2024 takes place on Saturday, May 18, and Sunday, May 19, at Het Twiske, Oostzaan. The address is Twiskeweg 8.

The music program for can be found on this website by clicking on 'Music' at the top of this page and our arts & culture program by clicking on 'Arts & Culture' at the top of this page.

You can find the timetable on our website and Instagram. As the connection on the festival grounds is limited, we strongly recommend downloading it in advance and saving it on your device. You can download/take a screenshot of the timetable here.

You can find and download the festival map here. Note that the printed copies or the banners of the festival map won't be available at the festival grounds, so we advise you to download the photo of the map or take a screenshot of it.

Weekend Ticket (€94 excl. service fee) SOLD OUT
Saturday Ticket (€49 excl. service fee) SOLD OUT
Sunday Ticket (€59 excl. service fee)

Please note that all tickets are subject to availability. You can purchase the tickets here.

Have you checked your spamfolder? If you can't find them there, please reach out to our ticket provider Eventix via [email protected] with your original order details, they are the ones that can sort this out for you.

You can also try to use this Eventix search tool to locate your ticket: eventix.io/search.

It is not possible to change or cancel your ticket: it is not possible to switch your day tickets or upgrade your ticket to a weekend ticket. If you can’t come, you can resell your tickets safely - and make somebody else enormously happy with it.

Visit our official resell page on Ticketswap.

Please note that we cannot guarantee entrance with tickets that are sold or bought on other reselling platforms or other third parties.

Everyone will receive a sealed ticket. Sealed tickets are tickets that can only be downloaded on Friday May 17th as of 09:00. Once the tickets are available for download, you will receive an email.

At this point, you will need to personalize your tickets. Personalized tickets are a necessary measure to combat extortionate prices and unregulated trading of tickets. Lentekabinet is a popular festival and every year we notice that people pay way too much for second-hand tickets or are being scammed.

More information about sealed tickets can be found in Eventix's FAQ.

For this, please reach out to our ticket provider Eventix.

We kindly ask you to visit the Eventix support page first. If this doesn't answer your question, contact Eventix via [email protected]. Tip: mention the order number and e-mail corresponding with your tickets, this often means a quicker reply!

The route to Het Twiske is almost as beautiful as the festival grounds itself: the best option is to bike to Lentekabinet, or take one of the Lentekabinet shuttle buses from Amsterdam Noord station, and after the festival to metro station Noord. In peak hours a bus leaves every 15 minutes, in off-peak hours it will be every 30 minutes. After the last metro at 00:28 our shuttle buses will continue to the ferry on Buiksloterweg (ferry CS).

Pre-sale tickets cost €12 (online and on-site) for a return, single tickets can be bought on site for €7. Single (one-way) tickets are sold only on the way FROM the festival. There will also be buses that leave to the after party at Garage Noord from our shuttle bus stop.

For international visitors, please check here.

First shuttle from Metro Station Noord leaves at noon from Metro Station Noord, under the viaduct, Ijdoornlaan (follow the signs). During peak hours, a bus will leave every 15 minutes; during off-peak hours it will be every 30 minutes. Last shuttle from Lentekabinet leaves at (approximately) 1 am.

Bus ticket(s) can be purchased in advance - based on availability - through our ticketshop. Return tickets will still be sold at the shuttle bus stop. If tickets sell out in advance, we will communicate this via our socials, website and app. Keep an eye on these pages if you want to stay informed.

The bus ride takes about 20 minutes and costs €11.00 for a return ticket. During peak hours, a bus will leave every 15 minutes; during off-peak hours it will be every 30 minutes. Please note that the last subway of the North-South line leaves at 00:25, so leave the site earlier if you still need to get there. Every bus after 00:20 will make an extra stop to Buiksloterwegpont.

Cars should navigate to Zuiderlaaik, Oostzaan and from S118 follow the signs P Visitors or Kiss & ride.
Parking costs €20 per day.

A weekend wristband is person-specific and cannot be transferred to others.

The festival starts at 13:00 on Saturday and Sunday. The program ends at 00:00 on both days.

Lockers are definitely available during the festival. You can also buy lockers ahead of the festival: https://lentekabinet.elockers.shop/lockers/lockers

Prices and types can be found below:

-One day locker medium is €11
-One day locker large is €14

Problems with your lockers, check https://www.elockers.nl/lost-f...

Lentekabinet does not provide camping – the nearest camping site to the festival grounds is Camping Vliegenbos. For more information about Camping Vliegenbos, you can visit their website.

No, it is not allowed to camp in het Twiske (regardless of a type of a camp - tents/caravans/campers, etc.).

All found items will be collected at the main cash desk point on the grounds during the festival. Lost something? Then check our iLost page first: https://ilost.co/nl/org/dekmantel?country=nl&location=1076, where all found items are tracked by our staff during the event. After the festival, all items are also registered via iLost.

Yes, there is first aid (EHBO) available at the festival grounds.

You can find our Social Safety Team in their Social Safety Hub, find them on the map. Other than this physical spot they will be walking on the festival and are recognisable by their vests with "Social Safety Team" on the back.

In case you are feeling overwhelmed, you can approach our Social Safety Team who are recognisable by yellow vests with "Social Safety Team" written on the back. They are happy to assist you.

If you need to pump or extract milk during the festival, you can approach the Social Safety Team. They are able to offer you a private and comfortable place to pump and store your milk. The Team is recognisable by yellow vests with "Social Safety Team" written on the back.

The entrance and the toilets at Lentekabinet festival are wheelchair accessible. However, the terrain of the festival grounds is mostly covered in grass, which does not guarantee easy mobility for the visitors in a wheelchair. In case you need assistance, our Social Safety Team (recognised by yellow vests with "Social Safety Team" written on the front) is happy to help.

Medication is allowed – but in order to guarantee that you can bring it inside, please contact [email protected]. It's also possible to store (previously registered) medication at the first aid stand, where we have cooled storage. If you have any other questions about this, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're happy to help!

Lentekabinet festival operates under the established Code of Conduct and House Rules. You are advised to familiarise yourself with the Code of Conduct here and House Rules here before entering the festival grounds. Compliance with this code of conduct is expected from everyone, including our visitors, crew, volunteers, security, partners, freelancers, and other stakeholders such as artists, photographers, and videographers. Anyone not adhering to this code of conduct will be warned or asked to leave the festival grounds.

If you would like to join the festival crew team, you can do so by filling out the form on this link, where you can also find more information about working at the festival.

Email us at [email protected], we're happy to assist you!