About our Code of Conduct

Lentekabinet / Dekmantel is committed to creating a welcoming and socially safer space free from intimidation for all festival attendees and participants, regardless of age, sexual preference, gender identity, gender expression, disability, appearance, origin, ethnicity, religion, or any other group identity.

The Lentekabinet / Dekmantel code of conduct outlines the expectations we have for our visitors to create a place where everyone feels seen and heard. Compliance with this code of conduct is expected from everyone, including our visitors, crew, volunteers, security, partners, freelancers, and other stakeholders such as artists, photographers, and videographers. Anyone who does not adhere to this code of conduct will be warned or asked to leave the premises.

Lentekabinet Code of Conduct

We are committed to creating a welcoming and socially safer space that is free from intimidation for everyone, where everyone can be themselves and express themselves freely.

All forms of intimidation and/or discrimination (in language, gestures, or actions), such as racism, sexism, and/or ableism, are not allowed.

All forms of boundary-crossing behavior, such as unwanted comments and/or physical contact, (sexual and verbal) harassment, and (physical) violence, are not allowed.

We are together at the festival and therefore have a collective responsibility. That's why we ask our visitors to watch out for each other and take care of each other.

If you notice a violation of this code of conduct or if there is a feeling of insecurity, please immediately contact the festival staff, security, or a member of our social safety team.

There is a specific place at the festival where our social safety team is present if a confidential conversation is desired. Here, it is possible to share a story (if desired, anonymously) and/or receive support from the team. Our staff are happy to assist and/or guide you to and at this physical location.

It is possible to file a complaint or report an incident after the festival – this can be done via [email protected]. Please note that it may take a few working days for our (small) team to respond to the message. We would like to point out that we can respond more quickly during the festival itself, thus having the opportunity to make the event immediately safer. Nevertheless, we understand and respect that making an immediate report is not always possible or desired.

When dealing with reported violations, our highest priority is to make a victim feel comfortable.

If someone behaves inappropriately, intimidatingly, violently, or harmfully (in behavior or language), we reserve the right to take action necessary to create a safe atmosphere again for our visitors and team. If someone violates our rules, we have the right to remove that person from the festival grounds without any form of refund. If someone breaks Dutch law, we are also obligated, upon the victim's approval, to inform the police.

We reserve the right to deny people access to the festival if they jeopardize the safety and/or inclusivity of our other festival attendees.

All reported incidents are taken seriously: they are recorded, stored, and evaluated by Dekmantel, with the help of requested – and sometimes unsolicited – advice from Stichting Sexmatters (an independent advisory body). The anonymity of our visitors is ensured in this process.